when the weather is hot!



“in the summer time when the weather is high, you can stretch right up and touch the sky”…. this song screams summer for me and i always play it once the weather gets warm.

but this shizzle is about wine, so lets get on it. one thing i love that they seem to do almost everywhere in europe are these awesome cold sparkly wine concoctions.

today i’m dishing about my favorite ones to imbibe on when the temps are in the 90s. super easy, no mess or fuss.

oh and by the way you only want to do these drinks with super cheapy wines.

weiß wein schorle this lil spritz is oh so popular here in germany, austria, + swiss germany. and its soooooo easy to do, there are 2 main formats sweet or sour. take a look at my vid to see how its done.

aaaand rot wein schorle the same as the weiß but with red wine.

tinto de verano i first discovered this one when i moved to spain at age 19, and i thought it was greatest thing ever. now i only enjoy it every so often on those truly hot dayz when i have some cheapy wine hanging around.

calimocho another gem from my time in spain. this was the party drink of choice but don’t drink too much cause boy does it give a headache if you do.

so thats my solution for hot days + an excess of cheap wines.

do you guys have any cool wine solutions? let me know!!!!

from vino with love