a #wine bottles first sex scene!!!


hey hey! so i know this is sooooo late but i guess by now everybody has seen Gone Girl… right?

aside from any kind of moral judgement/critique of the film, i wanted to point out the fact that for the first time ever a wine bottle YES i repeat a wine bottle had a sex scene in a movie.

yea we’ve seen wine and wine bottles in tons of movies. usually just lying around in the background, or empty in a post party scene. if the wine is really lucky it’ll get a close up like on a table between two stars.

aaaaand if the wine is extra lucky the label will be legible like in many of the classic bond or hitchcock films.

actually in Gone Girl wine plays a huge role in the plot of the entire film. we see wine several times throughout the movie. but arguably wine’s first big scene is when Amy uses a juicy red to stain herself, guising as blood!!!!!

later Amy actually takes a wine bottle and well….. shoves it! yes thats right wines first sex scene ever! Its pretty violent but lets just say wine was a show stopper.

so what do you guys think? do you know any other movies with a winetastic performance?

oh yea and by chance does anyone know which wine Amy uses? def let me know!!!