sherry!!!! sherry??? yea sherry!!!!


hey there! do you drink sherry? well you should and here are some reasons why:

1. its sooooo cool ( like seriously hip) i mean just try it… everyone is doin it
lol peer pressure but, no…. it’s really in.

2. sherry comes from spain (jerez to be precise). reason enough right? i mean who doesn’t love spain?

3. it will boost you image/coolness factor. like you’ll be the dude or dudette sittin there all pretty with this little copita.

4. there is now an official world sherry day, yes may 26th 2013 was the official first world sherry day. you could be an early adopter and say you were there from the beginning.

5. sherry is amazingly complex, mystical, delicious and it reminds me of the sea!!!! oh so much. if i were still working at pata negra nyc i’d pour you a glass, well even though i’m not there hit it up and explore!

as always xxx,
love vino

bottle stock is here!!!!


i love this wine opener, first off these are the best kind money can buy. don’t give me no fancy rabbit etc. & the colors are fab

what could be more fab than wine?…. wine accessories!

have you heard of bottle stock? well it was literally launched like several hours ago by a hip chick named whitney adams if you haven’t heard you can read all about her on her blog brunellos have more fun. i know what a great name!

ok getting back on the subject, bottle stock has these totally cute accessories for those of you who wanna get fancy, or even more perfect for those of us who want to gift our wine obsessed friends something other than another wine trivia game. 


bottle stock wrapping paper, love the prints and “alto fragile” get it!!! also soooo much cooler than those wine gift bags


bottle stock lambskin leather tie dyed coasters, perfection


bottle stock note pad, because any old notepad simply won’t do, i wanna flash this one around at tastings

what i really really love about bottle stock is that it is a symbol of a movement in the wine world. its not just “oh i can buy really cool wine related shit” its actually like whoa the aesthetic of these products relate & appeal to me as a girl in the wine industry (not that they are over the top girly but you know what i mean), an industry completely male-ified… until recently. 

so yea check out bottle stock & let me know what you think, or if you have seen other selections like that. 





wine tastings…what to wear??!!!

caroline's bangs & frames are adorbs

caroline’s bangs & frames are adorbs

so lets face it wine world is not the fashion world. but honestly some people really dump up the trade shows no offense. on the other hand there are some truly awesome folks that are stepping up the game.

now remember it’s pretty tricky to figure out what to wear at these things for a few reasons;

1. the is wine everywhere & you are bound to get some on you

2. its work & so sometimes those fab shoes that looked so good on in the mirror won’t cut it after an hour or two of making the rounds

3. bright lips smudge up your glass big time…eewwww gross

4. clutches are a no no as you will need one free hand for writing, shaking hands etc the other hand falls casualty to holding the glass permanently

5. this last one is not yet proven but kinda from personal experience type thing. i feel that if you look a). too cutie or b). too daring people tend not to take you as seriously. this last one is changing a loooot & mostly applies to observations made at tastings in germany not so much the case in nyc

here are a few examples of people who i thought got the balance just right, and still managed to be comfy, professional & original.

vinodorado prowein style

anja keeps it chic with her structured coat & elegant french twist

vinodorado prowein the humble winemaker

marion ebner of weingut ebner-ebenauer

the pr queen of austria, dorli makes a statement in a yellow suede number

the pr queen of austria, dorli makes a statement in a yellow suede number

i love this couple!

i love this couple!

from vino with love




 vinodorado goes to the golf course!

vinodorado gut lärchenhof golf club

hi everyone!

do you all play golf? are any of you members of a golf club? well i don’t & i’m not. hahaha quite honestly i’ve never even so much as held a club in my hands. so why am i talking about golf?

it just so happens that not too far from köln, is one of the premier golf clubs in all of germany (or so they tell me i have no clue as far as golf clubs are concerned) “gut lärchenhof golf club“.

why does this matter???!!!

because as luck would have it, i was invited to attend a “dance into the may party” at gut lärchenhof. it was a culinary affair & where there is food….. (i think you can guess) there is WINE!

so who was there? alexander hecht the wonderful sales rep (& my friend) from smart wines & another rep from kölner weinkeller who was an absolute pill & therefore she will not be mentioned further.

the evening started off innocently enough. the room was filled with an exciting clucking of the sorts from grannies & their middle aged children. to my great surprise the aperatif of choice was not a german sekt, or champagne but….

CAVA yes thats right my all time fav sparkler. bien sûr the juvé y camps was supplied by s.m. it’s just one of the many stellar wines in the smart wines portfolio. another fav was the gut hermannsberg 2011 jubiläums riesling from the nahe, germany.

some goodies @G.L.

some goodies @G.L.

but you wanna know the funny thing? what really made my evening was the oysters. haha i know a new yorker through & through, we can’t get enough of the stuff. oysters are pretty hard to come by in germany… as in you practically never see them on any menu & if you are lucky enough to come by them the resto staff will almost never be able to give you any clue as to where they might be from.

but this was different my friends, this was “dance into the may” @gutlärchenhof so naturally they had an endless supply of oysters. not only that but they had two different kinds both from sylt.

what it sylt you ask? oh honey its practically the hamptons of germany. yes germany has beaches & islands. while they are on the cooler side (climate wise) many members of the rich&famous chose to summer there & of course eat oysters.

vinodorado g.l. oysters

besides the oysters there were sooooo many delish things to eat. outside the grill was blazing with sumptuous (yes legit sumptuous) slices of iberico pig chin.

young chef grills the delicate jamon iberico chins

young chef grills the delicate jamon iberico chin

then inside the kitchen doors were open for all to see. i wonder if the chefs always work in absynth green lighting surrounded by candlelight?

hmmm the green is a bit camp but i give them props for trying

hmmm the green is a bit camp but i give them props for trying

all in all despite the totally posh locale & the large octogenarian group people got down. thats right! towards the end of the night the lights dimmed until it matched the kitchen lighting & then (not everyone but) many my self included downed a glass or two of grahams 20 years old tawny port & danced into the may.

hope you guys enjoyed my little trip to the posh golf club, what do you think? would love to know!!!

from vino with love




#winetrade #prowein2013 #apeekinside #düsseldorf

prowein2013 bottles in bucket vinodorado

did you ever wonder what wineries do at trade shows in order to differentiate themselves? at the end of the day you are effectively staring at tons of bottles. doesn’t matter how pretty they are individually, collectively its one big blob…. or is it?

here are 4 popular ways producers at prowein were able to pimp their booths.

1. the most popular way is to build structures out of the bottles. here are 2 cute ones.

wine bottle wall wine ladder prowein2013 vinodorado 2. if walls and stuff is not your thing, recreate a bar/lounge.

vinodorado prowein 2013 stands 3. numero tres & my favorite way to give you booth a cozy feel, and really make it pop is to just go ahead and use frames.

vinodorado prowein 2013 frames4. are you ready for the last one? so if you really want to make a lasting impression on your visitors, check out what the frenchies did.

vinodorado prowein 2013 chateauso those were the displays that stood out for me at #prowein2013. did any of you go as well? if not what other crazy stuff have you seen at wine #tradeshows?

until next time

from vino with love

#ProWein #düsseldorf #winetrade #germany

prowein? what’s prowein? hint: its one of, if not the largest wine trade fair in the world.

prowein passes

prowein passes!!!

prowein takes place every spring in düsseldorf but you knew that right? haha that’s ok i’m just being all pretentious i never heard of prowein back in nyc even when i was working in the wine trade!

this was my second time showing up and maybe its something about not being such a noobie but i felt like it was awesomely superior to last years’. alright so here are my prowein highlights & lows;

  1. the prowein app (it was… good), 3 main tabs: exhibitors, products, events. pretty straightforward but helped you when you wanted to find a wine/person quick (fyi the halls are huge!!!! and yes i wore heels all three dayzz)
  2. events all day long, for a wine geek its heavenly. “oh i always wanted to know more about terroir and wine regions of moldova” and VOILA there you had it.
  3. the spain section, the spain section, did i mention the spain section? now here you don’t have to be a wine geek to enjoy the sweet eye candy the delicious wine.
  4. the pretty displays. i was totally gushing over how beautiful some of the booths were, and all the over the top props.

here are the not so cool aspects of prowein;

  1. the prowein app. what???? yes it stopped working all together on monday all day!!!!!!
  2. it was not clear what language the events were in. unfortunately i ended up showing up to a couple events only to be surprised when it was completely in deutsch. yea not cool (the app never indicated the language).
  3. uggggggh the coat check. this was horrible. on sunday the confusion & chaos of the coat check was unreal. there were no lines or velvet ropes to keep us in check. aaaaand apparently we all had different colored tickets which no one knew about and well you get the idea. the whole affair ended with about 300 or so unhappy faces.

there you have it my top highs & lows. don’t worry that’s not all i’ll fill you in on some more prowein shizzle.

did anyone else reading this go? what were your impressions?

from vino with love