a #wine bottles first sex scene!!!


hey hey! so i know this is sooooo late but i guess by now everybody has seen Gone Girl… right?

aside from any kind of moral judgement/critique of the film, i wanted to point out the fact that for the first time ever a wine bottle YES i repeat a wine bottle had a sex scene in a movie.

yea we’ve seen wine and wine bottles in tons of movies. usually just lying around in the background, or empty in a post party scene. if the wine is really lucky it’ll get a close up like on a table between two stars.

aaaaand if the wine is extra lucky the label will be legible like in many of the classic bond or hitchcock films.

actually in Gone Girl wine plays a huge role in the plot of the entire film. we see wine several times throughout the movie. but arguably wine’s first big scene is when Amy uses a juicy red to stain herself, guising as blood!!!!!

later Amy actually takes a wine bottle and well….. shoves it! yes thats right wines first sex scene ever! Its pretty violent but lets just say wine was a show stopper.

so what do you guys think? do you know any other movies with a winetastic performance?

oh yea and by chance does anyone know which wine Amy uses? def let me know!!!



1 love 1 wine

celebrate v-day with Coca i Fitó

celebrate v-day with Coca i Fitó


in a few days it’ll be valentines day. maybe you’ve planned to see

1. endless love or a winters tale with your lover

2. maybeeeee you’ve got an ultra super duper hot first date!!!!!

3. you’re gonna pop the question!!!!!!!

4. or just maybe you are participating, performing, or attending a V-day event such as the vagina monologues. taking a stand against violence against women.

buuuut, if you totes hate valentines day & plan on ignoring its existence

i say NO WAY JOSE!!!! yes, valentines day is a completely commercial holiday having said that i still suggest you participate in it!!!!!!!


yes!!! look all those people who go to those cheesy movies add to the success of countless stylists, movie bloggers, etc those who participate in vagina monologues are actively helping women in need, and lets not forget restos esp. the ones that struggle during the week are happy to get booked up.

am i forgetting something?????

ah yea this is a wine blog right???!!!!

how should you celebrate valentines day? with WINE of course!

so if you are kinda on the fence about the holiday, or don’t have anyone to celebrate with here are some gorgeous wines that i would totes sip down.

such a darling label "flores de callejo"

such a darling label “flores de callejo”

here’s why these are good picks;

1. just look at these labels they are so gorgeous and dainty and make you feel so lovey dovey anyway

2. the flowers on the label hit 2 birds with 1 stone

3. red red wiiiiine (yea you know the song) something about rich reds make you feel oh so sumptuous.

4. spanish wines that are elegant like the coca i fitó and the flores de callejo have that silky decadent mouth feel that will leave you feeling toasty and pampered.

5. finally i think there is something to be said about grabbing a bottle on one of the most “romantic” days of the year and giving yourself some true time and loving. thats right, a time to say “hey its just me and i’m gonna love the heck out of myself”

remember being happy starts with you. celebrate yourself no matter what your relationship status & sipping on something delicious in the mean time will have you soaking in the moment.

so what do you think? how do you plan on spending the day? any good ideas on self love? HAPPY VALENTINES DAY everyone!!!!

from vino with love

the early bird catches the worm!!!!

vinodorado #deutzerhof

vinodorado #deutzerhof

hi guys!!!

what a horrible blast of cold huh? hope you’re all well & warm. sooo we’ve all heard it before “the early bird catches the worm” right? but what if you were programmed to be early?

that is precisely the case with this serious serious red from Deutzerhof. lets decode the label shall we?

first things first i’m gonna let ya in on a little secret its a german wine. that is not obvious from the front label you would have to turn the bottle around to find that one out. anywayz here’s the break down:

vinodorado label break down

vinodorado label break down

now getting to the “early” part (no i’m not just rambling there is a connection) do you see the varietal? it says FRÜHBURGUNDER.

saaaaaaay whhhaaaaat???????

you might know SPÄTBURGUNDER one of Germany’s better known red varietals. guess what???

they are kinda the same thing. HUH!

time for german 101:

1). spätburgunder = pinot noir

2). the word spätburgunder can be broken down

spät = late

burgunder = burgundy (because red burgundies are made of pinot noir)

3). for frühburgunder you guessed it.

früh = early

yea by the time i got into spätburgunders i already knew a bit a german so the name came easily. but it wasn’t until this january while shopping around in düsseldorf that i came across this relatively obscure varietal. it all clicked in my head rather quickly like wine + language algebra you know a2 + b2 = c2 (hahaha for the record never and i mean never ask me about math, its a rather troubled relationship).

buuuut i still had questions, this is what unfolded. the sales attendant said “it is clear that since you have never heard of frühburgunder i do not expect you to notice any difference from the spätburgunder” furthermore i was informed that “the deutzerhof alpha omega is a very technically and qualitatively well made wine…but i don’t think you’ll notice”.

ha! i did the usual when faced with that tude (unfortunately this attitude prevails in deutschland), nodded and asked a few more questions. then decided to make the purchase anyway. it was bout 22 euros so not cheap, but really worth it.

since i am me, and not that old man from the kardstadt in d-dorf i will tell you that the reason the varietal is called frühburgunder is because it is harvested 3-4 wks earlier than the spätburgunder. in actuality it is not too clear whether the varietal is a slight mutation of the spätburgunder thus enabling it to be harvested earlier or if its the same grape and they just harvest it earlier.

either way this particular varietal is traditional from the Ahr region one of the smallest wine growing regions of the 13 in germany and the world’s most northern wine region dominated by red grapes.

interesting stuff right? i’m not one for tasting notes but i will say this, the Deutzerhof is gorgeously lean and doesn’t taste too ripe at all. with red fruit notes ending in a velvety bitter chocolate.

soooo what do you think? have any of you had frühburgunder before? if so what are your thoughts pls share!


from vino with love

a wine book for the kid in you


wanna learn more about wine but all you come across are lengthy books that fall into 2 categories; a). overly romanticized or b). super factual? (ok ok…. not all wine books fall into these 2 but a lot do…not hating just saaaaying).

why not take a look at richard betts book “the essential scratch & sniff guide to becoming a wine expert”?

yes you read right scratch&sniff like in grade school!!!!

the essential scratch&sniff is adorbs with amusing illustrations ensuring you won’t forget what you just read, cause lets be real you know you forget.

i’m really crushing on this book! its not only mega hands on and fun to flip through but the info is hardcore. as in no frills, exactly what you need to know about drinking/tasting wine. like if you go into this book knowing nothing you would probs be better off than the average noob who reaches for the “wine bible” (no offense karen).

finally, betts included a bonus at the end!!! great detail.

a mini poster with the essential white and red varietals. i already hung mine up cause i loved it so much.

so thats my take on the essential scratch&sniff guide to becoming a wine expert by richard betts.

what wine books do you think are amaze? or whats your fav to recommend to wine noobs?

(fyi in case anyone is thinking it, i do not know richard betts personally nor have i ever met him, if i did woulda mentioned it, just saying).


when the weather is hot!



“in the summer time when the weather is high, you can stretch right up and touch the sky”…. this song screams summer for me and i always play it once the weather gets warm.

but this shizzle is about wine, so lets get on it. one thing i love that they seem to do almost everywhere in europe are these awesome cold sparkly wine concoctions.

today i’m dishing about my favorite ones to imbibe on when the temps are in the 90s. super easy, no mess or fuss.

oh and by the way you only want to do these drinks with super cheapy wines.

weiß wein schorle this lil spritz is oh so popular here in germany, austria, + swiss germany. and its soooooo easy to do, there are 2 main formats sweet or sour. take a look at my vid to see how its done.

aaaand rot wein schorle the same as the weiß but with red wine.

tinto de verano i first discovered this one when i moved to spain at age 19, and i thought it was greatest thing ever. now i only enjoy it every so often on those truly hot dayz when i have some cheapy wine hanging around.

calimocho another gem from my time in spain. this was the party drink of choice but don’t drink too much cause boy does it give a headache if you do.

so thats my solution for hot days + an excess of cheap wines.

do you guys have any cool wine solutions? let me know!!!!

from vino with love

bottle stock is here!!!!


i love this wine opener, first off these are the best kind money can buy. don’t give me no fancy rabbit etc. & the colors are fab

what could be more fab than wine?…. wine accessories!

have you heard of bottle stock? well it was literally launched like several hours ago by a hip chick named whitney adams if you haven’t heard you can read all about her on her blog brunellos have more fun. i know what a great name!

ok getting back on the subject, bottle stock has these totally cute accessories for those of you who wanna get fancy, or even more perfect for those of us who want to gift our wine obsessed friends something other than another wine trivia game. 


bottle stock wrapping paper, love the prints and “alto fragile” get it!!! also soooo much cooler than those wine gift bags


bottle stock lambskin leather tie dyed coasters, perfection


bottle stock note pad, because any old notepad simply won’t do, i wanna flash this one around at tastings

what i really really love about bottle stock is that it is a symbol of a movement in the wine world. its not just “oh i can buy really cool wine related shit” its actually like whoa the aesthetic of these products relate & appeal to me as a girl in the wine industry (not that they are over the top girly but you know what i mean), an industry completely male-ified… until recently. 

so yea check out bottle stock & let me know what you think, or if you have seen other selections like that. 





wine tastings…what to wear??!!!

caroline's bangs & frames are adorbs

caroline’s bangs & frames are adorbs

so lets face it wine world is not the fashion world. but honestly some people really dump up the trade shows no offense. on the other hand there are some truly awesome folks that are stepping up the game.

now remember it’s pretty tricky to figure out what to wear at these things for a few reasons;

1. the is wine everywhere & you are bound to get some on you

2. its work & so sometimes those fab shoes that looked so good on in the mirror won’t cut it after an hour or two of making the rounds

3. bright lips smudge up your glass big time…eewwww gross

4. clutches are a no no as you will need one free hand for writing, shaking hands etc the other hand falls casualty to holding the glass permanently

5. this last one is not yet proven but kinda from personal experience type thing. i feel that if you look a). too cutie or b). too daring people tend not to take you as seriously. this last one is changing a loooot & mostly applies to observations made at tastings in germany not so much the case in nyc

here are a few examples of people who i thought got the balance just right, and still managed to be comfy, professional & original.

vinodorado prowein style

anja keeps it chic with her structured coat & elegant french twist

vinodorado prowein the humble winemaker

marion ebner of weingut ebner-ebenauer

the pr queen of austria, dorli makes a statement in a yellow suede number

the pr queen of austria, dorli makes a statement in a yellow suede number

i love this couple!

i love this couple!

from vino with love