sherry!!!! sherry??? yea sherry!!!!


hey there! do you drink sherry? well you should and here are some reasons why:

1. its sooooo cool ( like seriously hip) i mean just try it… everyone is doin it
lol peer pressure but, no…. it’s really in.

2. sherry comes from spain (jerez to be precise). reason enough right? i mean who doesn’t love spain?

3. it will boost you image/coolness factor. like you’ll be the dude or dudette sittin there all pretty with this little copita.

4. there is now an official world sherry day, yes may 26th 2013 was the official first world sherry day. you could be an early adopter and say you were there from the beginning.

5. sherry is amazingly complex, mystical, delicious and it reminds me of the sea!!!! oh so much. if i were still working at pata negra nyc i’d pour you a glass, well even though i’m not there hit it up and explore!

as always xxx,
love vino