Liz Water 5:20:12_2chris dorado-alvarado the author of vinodorado is a wine professional currently living in williamsburg, brooklyn.

she was born & raised in brooklyn, ny which still holds its rank as her “fav place on the planet”.

vinodorado is meant for all lovers of wine, trends, fashion, & members of the wine industry.

chris has experience in many aspects of the wine industry including; manager: pata negra (nyc) sales rep: aviva vino (nyc) international sales:  gabart laval export (bordeaux) sales: gut hermannsberg germany, and wine consultation.

her wine adventures led her to bordeaux where she studied at the bordeaux international wine institute INSEEC to obtain her mba in wine marketing.

currently chris can be found hitting the pavement as a sales rep for the vine collective in nyc.

when not sipping on wine, chris’s other obsessions include: hot dogs, old fashioneds, asos, taking pics of food, oysters, garance doré’s blog, styledot com, instagram, digg, sauerkraut, the beach, accessories & her small shiba taco.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Heard someone had a blog! Since I live “wine-cariously” through your Instagram posts, might as well join the blog too! ❤

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