vinodorado goes to school

vinodorado goes to school

vinodorado goes to school

i bet if you’re like my friends you think “wine professions…. phewww, you guys have the life, drinking wine all day”.

well i’m here to tell you thats NOT entirely true….

look, look, i have proof!!!!!! yes, speaking for my fellow somms, wine buyers, consultants, importers, exporters, wine sales reps, retail wine shop owners, etc we are totes LEGIT and professional not just elevated winos…

anywayzzzzz my most recent exploits found myself sitting pretty at the #astorcentor (fyi totes amaze facilities) ready to learn all about #bulgarian wines presented by European Wine Treasures (sidenote: i first became acquainted with bulgarian wine through a classmate of mine in #bordeaux whose fam had a winery in bulgaria and i must say its pretty fascinating stuff) i suggest checking it out!!!!

wine profis get a spit sink!!!

wine profis get a spit sink!!!

check out this pic above at the astor center each station was outfitted with its own individual sink for spitting. now thats super fancy, most of the time we just get a spit bucket, the reason being…. drumroll pls…. cause we spit!!!!

SPIT!!!! yes, if there is one thing i notice its that everyone assumes that we just fly through tasting all these wines and then go on with our day. believe me if we all did that, orders would not go through, chaos would ensue in other words we would be in big trouble  just like in any other biz.

everyone paying attention to our bulgarian master class

everyone paying attention to our bulgarian master class

ok ok this isn’t to say that we don’t cut loose every once in a while….. (lolz)

any comments, or even better stories from the wine trade??!! even crazy ones…. pls let me know super interested to hear back in the comments below!!!


from vino with love

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