a wine book for the kid in you


wanna learn more about wine but all you come across are lengthy books that fall into 2 categories; a). overly romanticized or b). super factual? (ok ok…. not all wine books fall into these 2 but a lot do…not hating just saaaaying).

why not take a look at richard betts book “the essential scratch & sniff guide to becoming a wine expert”?

yes you read right scratch&sniff like in grade school!!!!

the essential scratch&sniff is adorbs with amusing illustrations ensuring you won’t forget what you just read, cause lets be real you know you forget.

i’m really crushing on this book! its not only mega hands on and fun to flip through but the info is hardcore. as in no frills, exactly what you need to know about drinking/tasting wine. like if you go into this book knowing nothing you would probs be better off than the average noob who reaches for the “wine bible” (no offense karen).

finally, betts included a bonus at the end!!! great detail.

a mini poster with the essential white and red varietals. i already hung mine up cause i loved it so much.

so thats my take on the essential scratch&sniff guide to becoming a wine expert by richard betts.

what wine books do you think are amaze? or whats your fav to recommend to wine noobs?

(fyi in case anyone is thinking it, i do not know richard betts personally nor have i ever met him, if i did woulda mentioned it, just saying).