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prowein2013 bottles in bucket vinodorado

did you ever wonder what wineries do at trade shows in order to differentiate themselves? at the end of the day you are effectively staring at tons of bottles. doesn’t matter how pretty they are individually, collectively its one big blob…. or is it?

here are 4 popular ways producers at prowein were able to pimp their booths.

1. the most popular way is to build structures out of the bottles. here are 2 cute ones.

wine bottle wall wine ladder prowein2013 vinodorado 2. if walls and stuff is not your thing, recreate a bar/lounge.

vinodorado prowein 2013 stands 3. numero tres & my favorite way to give you booth a cozy feel, and really make it pop is to just go ahead and use frames.

vinodorado prowein 2013 frames4. are you ready for the last one? so if you really want to make a lasting impression on your visitors, check out what the frenchies did.

vinodorado prowein 2013 chateauso those were the displays that stood out for me at #prowein2013. did any of you go as well? if not what other crazy stuff have you seen at wine #tradeshows?

until next time

from vino with love